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Company Name: Nanjing Aerospace Industry Technology Co., Ltd. New Material Branch Free member
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Company Introduce: Buy wholesale from china sell mre heater 2016 camping equipment meal ready to eat heater
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2. Product description of meal ready to eat heater
Mre Heater (frozen zipper bag)
1. Water Reactive MRE Heater
2. No need fire and electricity
3. Enjoy hot meal in 10 minutes
Transport Information
Al Heater
UN number: 2813
UN Proper shipping name: WATER-REACTIVE SOLID, N. O. S(Contains Alumium Powder and Calcium oxide)
Transport hazard class: Class 4.3
Packing Group: II
Mg Heater
Proper shipping name: Magnesium alloys powder
IATA UN number: 1418
Hazad Class: 4.2/4.2
Packing Group: Packing Group III

The MRE heater applications:
1. Used by the Army to heat Meals Ready-to-Eat (MRE) field rations.
2. Used by the MRE manufactures.
3. Used by the food company international
4. Used by the coffee suppliers
5. Used by the outdoor travelers
6. Used easily in situations where fire is prohibited or not recommended;
7. Used by campers, hunters, boaters; Or anyone interested in emergency preparedness.
MRE heater introduction:
MRE heater also named Flameless Ration Heater (FRH) is the water-activated, environmentally friendly heater especially designed for the Army to heat a soldier's individual eight ounce Meals.
It heats food without the need for fire, safely and quickly. Raises temperature of 8 oz food pouch at least 90degrees Fahrenheit. Uses no flame or electricity. Activates with 2 oz. Plain water and enjoy the food in 10-12 minutes.
Standard Heater perfomance data:
How to use it?
FRH is individually packaged in a sturdy, leak-proof polybag which serves as the heating container for the MRE.
1) Tear open heater sleeve at top arrow. Insert the unopened meal pouch in the sleeve.
2) Add plain water to the "Fill Line",
3) Fold over top of the heater sleeve. Fold sleeve over meal, then use the label to paste the folded pouch to the heater pouch.
4) Place the heater next to the MRE food portion, and slide both back into the MRE heater pouch.
5)In just 12 minutes - enjoy A Hot Meal Anytime, Anyplace.
6)Discard heater and bag after use.
. Keep out of reach of children
. Food heater produces heat & steam
. Do not near open flame.
. Use it in an open area.
. Do not use on airplanes or in confined spaces.
Important Information
Food heater not intended for consumption.
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Company Show
Nanjing Tianning Packaging Company Limited, Located in Nanjing city the Capital of Jiangsu Province, we are a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation. We are a State owned company specializing in Developing and Manufacturing Military-Grade MRE Ration Heaters and High Barrier PVA coating films.
As of Now, we have successfully developed 2 types of Ration Heaters, A Magnesium-Based Heater AND an Alumium-Based Heater.
Taking advantage of LOW COST & HIGH QUALITY, we have successfully established markets AROUND THE WORLD, especially in UK, North America, Kenya, South Africa, Israel, Belgium and Europe, just Name A few.
Equipped with automatic machines, our manufacturing center has an output of 15, 0000bags per day AND 10 tons of PVA solutions.
In Order to Closely monitor All Procedures Of Production, We have established strict standards for all area & aspects of the Product, starting right at the beginning with the Raw Materials.
Aiming to pursue the greatest in customer satisfaction, we will pledge to focus on the very best to improve our product and our services continuously all the time.

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Address: No. 8 Wangyuan Road, Moling Industrial Park, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China